Mytrace is an IT based system and function as a reliable, accredited and authenticated product information provider with an added value feature which helps the consumer to know their purchased product origin and its type of production process, the level of safety, recognition or certification adhered and other details of the produce.

Mytrace is a trademark of My Traceability Sdn Bhd, a company that provides traceability QR Sticker where the consumer can easily scan the QR Sticker to gain an access to details of product using a simple mobile phone or mobile devices anywhere in the world. For that purpose, Mytrace is continuously collaborating with other certification body and foods safety regulatory bodies either locally being SIRIM, HALAL, GMP, HACCP and internationally such as ISO, AQSIQ, IEC, SMIIC, WTO, EU and FDA.

Most of the countries in the world have their own food safety and regulatory body and Mytrace is engaging with these bodies to gain recognition for export of Malaysia Premium Product. Mytrace cares about the value and benefits that standards brings and the Premium value is embedded in its service as a product platform into the world market.

Producers are facing a high degree of competition from an imitation which drives lower customer’s confidence about certain or overall products presents in the global market. The customer is always on look out for the products that have an endorsement features attach to it and will exercise their right to ensure such claims are true and genuine. Mytrace provides the linkage access for the consumer and assurance that the endorsement attached to each of the product is true and genuine.



Mytrace provides an easy access of traceability on recognisable world established Standards code for safety regulates by each country or international regulatory bodies in practice today. Traceability enables products to be made visible across the supply chain, building traceability fundamental blocks within quality, speciality, and safety throughout the journey of the product to consumer destination.

Mytrace gives traceability assurance to all parties, from the producer, regulatory body and to consumer worldwide about the product’s standard on farming, fishing, excavating, processing and packaging practices which are safe and acceptable to be used by consumer everywhere.

Regulatory bodies, on the other hand, is interested in the acceptable farming or fishing or type of processes the product gone through and verify product’s safety practise before they allow it to be imported into their country.

On a daily basis, Mytrace is a standard reference that is to look for by customer worldwide in order to satisfy and as the precautionary step before to buy or continue to buy the product. Product details are stored in our database and can be accessed easily by scanning the Mytrace QR Sticker using Mobile Phone or other Mobile Devices at any distribution level or customer can just log in to MyTrace official website to trace their product preference.

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