Mytrace provides an easy access of traceability on recognisable world’s established Agriculture activities Standards code for safety regulates by each country or international regulatory bodies in practice today.

Agriculture traceability enables harvest either Fruit or vegetable or produce to be made visible across the supply chain, building traceability fundamental blocks within quality, speciality, and safety throughout the journey of the product to consumer destination.

Mytrace gives Agriculture traceability assurance to all parties, from the farmer, regulatory body and to consumer worldwide about the product’s standard on farming, harvesting, processing and packaging practices which are safe and acceptable to be used by consumer everywhere.

Suitable to all farmers or exporter of fruit, vegetable or product

Suitable to all farm or plantation that already obtained certified farming and process certification

Applicable to all Produce where inputs are imported or from local origin

Important as daily consumer references for premium purchase decision worldwide

Trace Ability Solution

Mytrace QR Code Sticker application works well for multi-task industries from products from Foods, Automotive, Chemical, Biotech and Pharmaceutical. All industry have similar primary process from sourcing, manufacturing practise, logistic mode up to retailing and Mytrace is created to uniforms information for the various standard of safety practise from preparation

<p> Scalable
Mytrace is setup with the scalability in feature, whether you is a large producer or small entrepreneur, supply many Agriculture harvests or products or only one type of harvest or product.
<p>Ease of Use</p>
<p> Ease of Use
Ease of Use
We pride ourselves in giving our clients and their customers the best experience. Your customers can easily assess the authenticity of your product with a smart phone.
<p> Established
Mytrace is powered by MIMOS industrial scale data storage solution, with the top of the line security so you can rest assured of your data safety and availability worldwide.
<p>Global Premium</p>
<p> Global Premium
Global Premium
Mytrace clients' products are recognized as a premium and would be treated as premium commodities by intermediaries and regulatory bodies around the world.
The Better Choice

Trade venue is becoming vast and challenging phenomena for many farmers especially in developing countries from imitation produce and noncertified produce from unregulated origin. The world market on the other hand is demanding much higher Agriculture traceability assurance for the premium produces that consumer requires in relative to higher price. If your produce is facing the same obstacle in other countries or thinking to rebranding or repositioning your product to strengthen or increase market share or venture into a new one then Mytrace is the right choice for you to ease your way into the target market.

Mytrace captures standards that requires by the emerging demand and Mytrace set standard requires all product to be registered for Mytrace QR Sticker have to conform to the existing Agriculture standards practise from acquiring of plantation, harvesting, packaging, storage, transportation up to the predestined market place. These applied standards for Premium Agriculture produce also becomes a benchmark for Mytrace service guidelines where all parties in the market can easily check, verify and compare. Customers easily gain more confidence to buy your produce and promote loyalty after simple steps of verification using hand phone or other mobile devices.

Multi-sector application

Mytrace QR Code Sticker application works well for multi task processing from plantation practice, harvest, segregation, packaging, logistic and returnable item.


Identification Level


How it works?

Mytrace has been designed to be friendly to not only our client but also our client’s customers. Mytrace can be summarized with 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Contact us to get a tailored solution for your business.

Step 2: We will generate a secure traceability profile for your products to protect it from forgery, counterfeit, and sabotage.

Step 3: Your customers can verify the authenticity of the product via the Mytrace QR stickers on the product. You can monitor your product traceability as it gets from your warehouse to the end user. Full traceability.

With Mytrace, you can rest assured that your products are protected and your customers feel that extra assurance and security of obtaining a genuine product.

What are you waiting for? Let us contact you today!

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